TopFirms is available to browse for free. Explore reliable companies that can help you with the latest technologies, intriguing mobile app development, full-cycle software development, exciting game development, and more. The reviews and ratings are accessible free of charge. We encourage companies to become free members at TopFirms. We shall review the company and our experts will analyze where and how to bring them forward for the clients.
Our vigorous processes are our strengths. We focus on the quality and credibility of companies to ensure that you are introduced to the best of the best in the industry. Our research heavily relies on in-house research, client feedback, online resources, and other available information thoroughly verified by our analysts. The companies are rated on client feedback, experience, market penetration, portfolio, development services, and design. The companies are rated on each of the above factors out of 10. Then, a definitive value is calculated out of 30, divided into different measures; Excellent, Very Great, Good, Average, and Poor.
TopFirms conducts multiple types of research to effectively review IT related companies including:
  • In-house research by TopFirms’ researchers and analysts
  • Surveys conducted to review current market statistics
  • Research to engage with clients for their feedback
  • Research for blogs on IT related dynamics
  • Algorithm-driven research to determine company position in the industry
Yes. TopFirms collects data via surveys periodically. We understand that ever-changing market trends and industry dynamics, thus, research at regular intervals is essential. Our research explores latest technologies, new openings, updates pricings, new tools, and more, with especially attention on issues related to mobile app development, software development, SEO tools and techniques, e-commerce, and m-commerce. You can explore the articles on the website.
We are the most reliable source for finding IT and software related companies, based on our extensive research and review processes. Instead of spending endless hours on finding a reliable company and still having doubts, we help you in saving time and efforts, by bringing together credible companies on-board. We cover each company’s area of expertise, experience, projects, client feedback, and pricing. With TopFirms, you can completely trust the chosen companies.
TopFirms does not connect service provides on behalf of the clients. We only provide information about credible companies. The contact information is available alongside company information, so clients can approach the services providers themselves.
We offer different sponsorship packages. You can select one that fits your budget and meets all your requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the pricing.
TopFirms offers endless opportunities for companies to get the top ranks on the list. Our website is visited by thousands of potential clients every day, looking for credible companies. Being on the top rank will help companies enhance visibility, attract prospects, and close deals faster.
To claim your profile, email TopFirms at [email protected] and ask for the credentials. Please make the request from the email registered with a company domain.
Yes. You can transfer ownership of your profile to another member of your company. Please email us at [email protected] and we shall help you with the transfer. Please make the request from the email registered with a company domain.
If your profile has had some engagement, such as verified client reviews, then we cannot remove it. However, profiles with zero activity can be removed. Please email us at [email protected] and we will guide you further. Please make the request from the email registered with a company domain.
  • Share your profile link with your client.
  • In the ‘Write a Review’ section, clients will fill the form.
  • An autonomous account via LinkedIn authentication will be created to track reviews
  • You can also ‘Send Review Request’ via email to your clients. Go to the Dashboard and click on Reviews. Choose ‘Send Review Request’ from the top right corner.
Yes. Authentic reviews will have a positive impact on your profile. More positive reviews will enhance your credibility, give prospects insights about your services, and improve your visibility by helping us calculate your profile ranking.
Every review published on TopFirms is verified and authentic. We verify the reviews through their LinkedIn handles. The review is not published unless our team is satisfied with the professional and social presence of the reviewer. Once confirmed, the review goes live on the company.
Please ask your clients to email us at [email protected] from their company domain email. Also, ask your clients to share their social profiles, if a LinkedIn account is not available. We will go through the profile and publish the review when satisfied.
Your clients can edit the review before it is published. Go to My Account, click on My Reviews, and choose Edit to make changes in the review. Once the review moves from ‘Pending’ to ‘Published’, it cannot be edited.
Yes. TopFirms allows companies to reply to their client reviews via ‘Add Response’ button.
A reviewer can post reviews more than once for the same company, if the company completed another project for the reviewer. TopFirms will post a combined review for both projects.
If you believe that you invested 100% efforts in the project, email us at [email protected] and we promise to look into the issue. We will reach the reviewer and if unanswered within 48 hours, TopFirms will remove the review.
‘Getting Listed’ means getting registered to get the company listed on our platform. You can register on TopFirms
  • Enjoy a privileged space at ‘Featured Partners’
  • Special recognition in the industry
  • Established credibility in the market
  • A higher position in the ‘Directory Listing’
  • More leads to web traffic
All the companies offering services in the following categories can get listed at TopFirms:
  • Web Development
  • ECommerce Development
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • App Designing
  • App Development
  • Web Designing
  • Big Data & BI
  • IoT Development
  • AR & VR Development
  • Testing Services
  • Cloud Computing Services
A free member enjoys full-fledged access to company profiles. The company can be on the ‘Research Listing’ if it surpasses all the criteria. A featured partner has all the right of the free member as well as that of a featured partner. And a sponsor enjoys privileges of free members, featured partners, and the topmost position in ‘Directory’ listing above the featured partners.